Frequently Asked Questions

Selection - Condition - Scope of delivery

Transparency towards our customers is important to us. We use, in addition to high-resolution pictures, a set of easy to understand criteria to describe the condition of listed products.

  • Unworn – The item is in mint condition, without signs of wear or minimal signs of wear, which can originate even from very careful storage.
  • Very good – The item was worn, shows little to no signs of wear, which can originate even from very careful use or storage.
  • Good – The item was worn, shows little to light signs of wear or scratches.
  • Vintage - The item is 15 years or older and could be polished. No warranty on water density.


Items not in above mentioned conditions generally are not being offered. Should this once not be the case, we will explicitly mention it on the product page.

Should you have interest in an article that is not available anymore, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Order Transaction - Payment & Returns

You of course can order any item on the site without creating a user-account. During the order transaction simply fill in your billing address. Should you change your mind while ordering, at the end of the order process you will have the option to automatically create a user account through clicking "Create user account".


Wir bieten Ihnen für Ihren Online-Kauf folgende Bezahlmöglichkeiten an: 

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash payment at personal pick-up

Payment on account unfortunately is not possible. 

Sie können von uns erhaltene Produkte ohne Angabe von Gründen innerhalb von 14 Tagen zurücksenden oder zurückgeben. Dies gilt ab dem Zeitpunkt, an dem Sie physisch in den Besitz der Produkte Ihrer Bestellung gelangen.
  • Nach Eingang und positiver Prüfung der Produkte und Lieferbestandteile erfolgt eine Rücküberweisung des Kaufpreises kurzfristig, mindestens innerhalb von 14 Tagen.
  • Nur der Käufer hat Anspruch auf den Erhalt der Rückerstattung des Kaufpreises.
  • Die Rückerstattung erfolgt in derselben Zahlungsmethode und Währung des Kaufs.
  • Anspruch auf Rückerstattung des Kaufpreises hat der Kontoinhaber einer vorausgegangenen Bestellung. Eine Auszahlung an Dritte bei Online-Käufen ist nicht möglich. Rückzahlungen des Kaufpreises erfolgen ausschließlich auf das Konto, von dem die Transaktion bezahlt wurde. Eine Barauszahlung ist ebenfalls nicht möglich.
  • The products must be unaltered and in the same condition as delivered by us.
  • Original boxes, Warranties, Certificates, Invoices and any other delivered Documents, as well as Instructions, Booklets etc. must be returned. Additionally supplied parts, such as Bracelets, Links or else must be returned too.
  • We understand that buying a luxury item can be scary and sincerely hope that you will love your new watch but understand that sometimes returns cannot be avoided. We try to handle this process as simple as possible.

    Please read the following exceptions very carefully.

    Items that can not be returned without objection:

    Items listed as “Unworn”

    Any item that has been altered in any way or is not in the same condition as it was at the time of purchase. This includes scratches, blemishes, mechanical tampering, dings, or any other indication that the watch has been worn or resized.

    Items “sealed” or “partially sealed”

    We always try to photograph sealed parts of the items sold as detailed as possible. Should you receive a watch and be unsure whether you would like to keep it, please do not remove the stickers. Should a watch be returned without previously applied stickers an inspection fee will become due. As a rule, the inspection fee amounts to 10% of the items value – up to the amount of a new official service.